8 September 2015
SIAC Announces Establishment of Users Council

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre is pleased to announce the establishment of the SIAC Users Council. Establishment of the Users Council highlights SIAC’s continued commitment to excellence and efficiency in case administration, as well as to further consolidating its leadership role in the development of the practice of international arbitration.

The function of the SIAC Users Council is to provide feedback on the SIAC Rules and international arbitration process from users of international arbitration, both commercial and investment, leading international arbitration practitioners and arbitrators. The Court of Arbitration and Secretariat of SIAC continually review and take steps to improve SIAC’s Arbitration Rules and case administration services, and the views and observations of its users, and others in the field of international arbitration, are essential to this mission.

The Users Council includes members from over 30 jurisdictions around the world, in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and elsewhere. The composition and diversity of the Users Council underscores SIAC’s role as a global arbitral institution, handling cases and parties from all regions of the world and all systems of law. Users Council members serve two-year terms and will be provided with updates on developments of interest at SIAC. The global reach and quality of the SIAC Users Council will maximise the efficacy of SIAC’s ongoing efforts to adopt and develop best practices in international arbitration.

SIAC is currently reviewing its Arbitration Rules, with a revised version of the Rules scheduled for release in mid-2016. The SIAC Users Council will play a key role in this process of revision. SIAC plans to conduct regional events to ensure that there will be maximum opportunity and a suitable forum for the exchange of views about SIAC and relevant developments in international arbitration.

Gary Born, President of the SIAC Court of Arbitration, welcomed the new members of the SIAC Users Council. “The Users Council is a central element of our continuing efforts to maintain SIAC’s leadership in international arbitration. We are privileged to have a Court of Arbitration, as well as a Users Council, of the world’s leading international arbitration practitioners. We look forward to working with them in the upcoming revisions of the SIAC Rules and otherwise.”

Lim Seok Hui, CEO of SIAC, said, "The Users Council network will further extend SIAC's global outreach and allow us to engage more closely with current and potential users from diverse legal systems and cultures, which is key to our mission of developing and offering world class dispute resolution services to parties from all over the world."
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